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Royal Equestrian & Camel Festival Oman

When the Sultan of Oman hosts an extraordinay celebration of the art of riding… Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said relied on German knowhow in the realization of a gigantic show in celebration of his 35th regency anniversary. In only a few months, the experienced event team including Ullrich Kasselmann and Paul Schockemöhle, managed to put together a show consisting of 7,000 actors, 1,540 horses, and 740 camels. Equestrian Globe CEO Sacha Eckjans directed the show and took care of the dramatic composition on site. He orchestrated horses, riders, acrobats, etc. and worked closely with those responsible for the entire stage management and the technical personnel so that a top-class event emerged as a result.  

Success speaks for itself: upon invitation, the entire team behind Sacha Eckjans, Ullrich Kasselmann and Paul Schockemöhle repeated their success and also staged the 40th anniversary of the Sultan's coming into power ceremony. 



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