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Congratulations Ye Mao to your great success with Bordondo!

Equestrian Globe is proud and happy to have found this wonderful match of rider and horse. In 2015 Equestrian Globe brought the 5-year-old Bordondo (sire: Bordeaux) to China and in 2016 this beautiful horse found his new owner in Beijing. Since then the tall black gelding developed from a young horse with basic education into a promising dressage horse who was able to win two second places now at a dressage competition in China in Intermediate level CEA 2 and BTEA 2+ freestyle.

Equestrian Globe would like to congratulate Ye Mao to his great success in further educating this horse and making him shine like a star! The key to success is hard work, patience and consistency! Keep going like this Ye Mao  and we will see you two again at the China Games in 2022!